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«A Goddamn Classic» out now!

Norwegian stoner trio Orbiter's 4th record «A Goddamn Classic» brings the band's core heavy rock sound to a whole other level – moving between ferociousness, playful grooves, and all the way to downtuned doom.

The band comments on the release: «This time we decided to amp things up and make things heavier and more authentic than ever before. Guitars are tuned lower, the tempos range from fast and aggressive to slow and doomy, and the record is recorded more or less in live takes, without the use of metronomes and vocal tuning and the likes. We wanted it to feel as raw as when we blast it out of our amps when playing this shit live!»

The self-released record was recorded and produced by Semming Haraldsen and Pål G. Sivertzen at Vakuum Studio, and mastered by Magnus Gulbrandsen at Jelöy Sound, with artwork by Hypnotist Design.

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