Orbiter - Lead Head cover art by Artmofate
Lead Head (2020)
Recorded in: Vakuum Studio in July 2020
Recorded and mixed by: Pål G. Sivertzen
Mastered by: Morgan Nicolaysen (Propeller Mastering)
Cover art by: Artmorfate
Orbiter - Resist, Submit, Repeat cover art by Alessandro Amoruso
Resist, Submit, Repeat (2019)
Recorded in: Vakuum Studio between December 2017 and January 2018
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Pål G. Sivertzen
Cover art by: Alessandro Amoruso
Orbiter - Crooked cover art by Eriko MontFuji MontDoom
Crooked (2016)
Recorded in: Vakuum Studio in August 2016
Recorded and mixed by: Pål G. Sivertzen
Mastered by: Martin Ankelius (Cutting Room)
Cover art by: Eriko Montfuji (MontDoom Design & Illustration)

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