Orbiter band Oslo Ivan Reigstad bass vocals
Orbiter band Oslo Kim Rune Johansen guitar
Orbiter band Oslo Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen drums producer

Ivan A. Reigstad

bass, lead vocals

Kim Rune Johansen

guitar, backing vocals

Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen

drums, backing vocals

“If you're a fan of 90's hard/stoner rock and have yearning for the days when played bands played their grooves with an untamed vigour and vitality then Orbiter could well be your next favourite band.”
– Frazer Jones, Desert Psychlist

Orbiter was founded in Oslo, early 2015, by three hard rockers with a common desire to make heavy and substantial music, while still staying catchy and satisfying. They started experimenting with a wide variety of heavy music, ranging from jammy, bluesy rock, to the face-shredding unholiness their home country is famous for. After much trial and error, they finally landed on the riff-laden and neck-swinging combination that makes Orbiter's music stand out today.


Their first record, the «Crooked» EP, was released in October 2016 through Vakuum Records. At the same time as they were writing new material, the band focused on playing as many live shows as possible in the Oslo underground. Two years later they had both finished writing their sophomore effort, and had gotten a solid footing in the local scene. «Resist, Submit, Repeat» was released on Negative Vibe Records in March 2019.


Their most recent record, the «Lead Head» EP, was released on Vakuum Records in November 2020. Being their third release, the EP showcases a refinement of Orbiter's core sound, featuring catchier hooks and thicker tones than ever before.

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