Ivan A. Reigstad

bass, lead vocals

Kim Rune Johansen

guitar, backing vocals

Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen

drums, backing vocals

“Orbiter have more in common with Melvins, Motörhead or Clutch than they do with their black metal countrymen. Their new album is called Resist, Submit, Repeat and it’s chock full of dirty rock ‘n’ roll riffs”
– Vince Bellino, Decibel Magazine

Orbiter was founded in Oslo, early 2015, by three hard rockers with a common desire to make heavy and substantial music, while still staying catchy and satisfying. They started experimenting with a wide variety of heavy music styles, ranging from psychedelic rock and blues, to the face-shredding unholiness their home country Norway is famous for. After a year of writing music, the winning formula was found in the riff-laden, neck-swinging combination that characterizes the band's sound today.


The first record, the «Crooked» EP, was released in October 2016 through Vakuum Records. Their next move was to dedicate themselves to playing any and all live shows they could get booked in the Oslo underground, while writing more material. Two years later, their sophomore effort, «Resist, Submit, Repeat» was finished, and the band had now gained a solid footing in the local scene. The record was released on Negative Vibe Records the following year, in March 2019.

As of 2020, the band is laying the finishing touches on their upcoming single «Overdrive Overload», as well as an EP which will be released further into the year. The focus on playing live shows is a strong priority, and Orbiter are always on the look-out for great places and great people to play for.

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