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New album, «Resist, Submit, Repeat», is out!

Orbiter's 30 minute powerhouse sophomore effort is out today, on Negative Vibe Records.

After three years of meticulous writing and gigging, Oslo hard-rock powertrio Orbiter are finally ready to release their newest record. Featuring seven tracks of unparalleled riffs, thunderous drums and furious vocals, the album displays the band's willingness to experiment with traveling between moods and genres effortlessly.

“Orbiter have more in common with Melvins, Motörhead or Clutch than they do with their black metal countrymen. Their new album is called Resist, Submit, Repeat and it’s chock full of dirty rock ‘n’ roll riffs” – Vince Bellino, Decibel Magazine

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Vakuum Studio in Oslo, Norway, the band's sound is polished yet gritty; brutal yet accessible.

The album is available on all streaming services including Spotify, and for purchase via services like Apple Music.

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